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As a trainer and a coach, I essentially do two things, 

  1. I train people in organisations on how to be more mindful and emotionally intelligent, to build an inclusive, mindful and resilient company culture.
  2. I coach individuals on how to get unstuck, remove emotional baggage, gain more confidence and live mindfully and happily

These 7 simple yet powerful strategies will help you gain more mindfulness daily and put your stress at bay. This workbook has useful tools, techniques and reflections for more clarity and joy in your life.

Wonderful Clients

Have you done this yet?

January 2019 is up! Perhaps you have already made headway on your new goals. Maybe you have forgotten about them. Perhaps you have resolved to not make resolutions ever again. 

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Lessons from Uprooting

Change is hard for most people. And understandably so because it means uncertainty, unknown and loss of control. But many times, it’s exactly what we need. We may have to

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These printable infographics are a great reminder to hang on your fridge or by your desk.

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