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Hi! Thank you for visiting. My name is Usha Raman and I am a certified trainer and coach. My area of expertise lies in Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence.

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Hi! Thank you for visiting.

Whether we like it or not, our actions are determined by our thoughts and emotions. When the quality of our thoughts and emotions improve, we improve our lives and positively impact others. Hence, my mission is to spread Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

At first, I Iearnt these tools for my own growth because I lost some dear people to tragic deaths, suffered emotional and physical abuse and was very stressed. I felt stuck, alone and hopeless.

I came to realise that there are tools out there that can make a HUGE positive difference in our lives. In my years in the corporate world and later as a lecturer and now a trainer, I have trained hundreds of people. Just reach out to know more about my training and coaching programs or even if you are simply curious about Mindfulness and EQ.

Yours in clarity and joy.

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What My Clients Say

  • I was present at a short foundation course of Emotional Intelligence and found Usha very informative; and something that could have been dry, Usha made it fun and interactive. I learnt more about myself and hoe others interact. It was an eye-opener. Thank you Usha! You are a shining light in helping me to help discover more about myself.

    Lina Scott Business Owner, BodyTalk Connects
  • I was very new to coaching and was not aware of what it fully was. I thought I would have to talk about myself and my feelings but it turned out to be so much more!

    I had a lot of trust barriers which didn’t allow me to get close to people but Usha from day one helped me feel welcome. I had remarkable moments and it was astonishing how her session allowed me to open up. The only reason I tried coaching was because of how Usha treated me as an equal and there was a huge level of acceptance there. I think that was what helped me open up.

    Having that ability to be able to trust someone comes very hard for me and she really helped me with it SO much. Coaching has helped me see how emotions are so deep and subconscious inside me; it brought me closer to acceptance of my emotions and through that came the ability to accept myself and others. Most importantly it helped me learn now powerful this mind really is! That level of inner connection was amazing!

    I would absolutely encourage others to coach with Usha.

    Vidula Mansur Teacher
  • I found the Emotional Intelligence workshop very interesting and useful. I learnt a lot and it opened my mind to a different way of thinking. I believe that men will benefit from attending workshops with The Tall Oak in the areas of mindfulness and EQ as it can really help in building better emotional and mental health. EQ can really help men to understand and express emotions better without compromising their personal values.

    Shaun Nunn, Business Owner

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These printable infographics are a great reminder to hang on your fridge or by your desk.

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