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As a trainer and coach, I essentially do two things; 

  1. I train people in organisations on how to be more mindful and emotionally intelligent in order to build a driven, mindful and resilient company culture.

  2. I coach individuals on how to get unstuck, remove emotional baggage, gain more confidence and live mindfully and happily.

Clients choose me because of my background as an educator, which means I understand pedagogy and learning design in order to deliver programs that are structured, engaging, learner focused and impactful.

Download these 7 simple yet powerful strategies to help you gain more mindfulness daily and put your stressors at bay. 

When not in training and coaching, I often run public programs, workshops,  retreats and events. Before becoming an educator and trainer, I used to be an events manager. As such, I enjoy running events and bringing like-minded people together. These public workshops and gatherings focus on various personal development and wellness topics, often with other speakers as well. Please visit the events page to find out more. 

Wonderful Clients

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