What started as a personal journey for growth became the vision of the work Usha Raman does today. From feeling stuck, alone and hopeless due to losing loved ones to tragic deaths, emotional and physical abuse, work overwhelm and toxic relationships; Usha shifted her life through embracing Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

She has now made it her mission to advocate Mindfulness practices and EQ strategies so that people can live with CLARITY and JOY… EVERYDAY. As she says, “No dramas, no outbursts, no undue stress, no tiredness and no constant complaints about life. Just love, joy, clarity and growth.”

She has an international track record and has trained hundreds of people from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Spain to Scotland. She left her Sales Manager career in the corporate world to become a lecturer and later became certified as a trainer. She has a slew of other certifications including being a Master Coach, Behavioural Analyst and NLP master practitioner to name a few.

An advocate for volunteerism, Usha has organised and run camps, workshops, fun-fairs, retreats, and programs in confidence building, self-awareness and personal empowerment for parents, children and teens from troubled backgrounds locally and in the region for more than 14 years. When not in coaching or training, she is busy with various volunteer projects with NGOs or from a personal capacity. She is currently embarking on a new mission to raise awareness for those who have suffered from domestic violence and abuse.

Before becoming a trainer and coach, Usha excelled in the events industry for over a 12 years and was approached to become a lecturer of events management and taught in the Institute of Technical Education (Singapore). Whilst in events she managed the accounts of some major corporations like Chanel, Chopard, Fendi, Hermes, Citibank, HSBC and many more. In recognition of her efforts, the public voted her to be a winner of the Nifnex Influential 100 Awards, Perth, in 2016.

* Bachelor of Commerce
* Diploma in Adult Continuing Education
* Certificate IV in training and assessment
* Certified Master Coach
* Certified Behavioural Consultant
* Certified Yoga Instructor
* Pedagogic Certification in Technical Education
* Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner
* Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner
* Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
* Time Line Therapy Practitioner
* Bachelor of Commerce* Reiki level 1 Practitioner
* Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (Current)

Volunteer Work Experience

With over 22 years experience as a volunteer, I have overseen and organised countless activities like camps, fun-fairs, retreats, parenting workshops, and even long-term personal empowerment programs. I have always included mindfulness and emotional intelligence techniques in these programs. I completed a course on volunteering in prisons. Officially, I have been on the board for a grassroots organisation in Perth and been the Deputy Youth Co-ordinator for a not-for-profit in Singapore. I have also participated in numerous overseas volunteer programs, for example, aiding an indigenous village in rural Malaysia to make their village more sustainable with solar panels and edible plants garden.

Currently, I am a volunteer administrator and logistics co-ordinator for a not-for-profit, Health In Kind. We help with the physical health and mental wellness of refugees and other vulnerable community members across Australia. I continue to give talks on the subject of mental and emotional wellness to these groups.

Usha Shares Her Story

I was pinned down, dragged across the floor, punched at, and then hit repeatedly with a big rock. What surprised me most was not the assault itself nor the series of serious incidents that led to it, but how fast I bounced back. You see, I have been working on my personal growth since 2004. It is the school of hard knocks after all, in my case, literally!

I was in court the next day trying to make another person laugh instead of focusing on my trauma. I wanted to make another person feel joy because I knew it was possible to feel happy despite what was happening. I knew it… because I felt it.  

Don’t misunderstand me, I was traumatised. I had the nightmares and kept “seeing” someone outside my window, waiting to hurt me. Despite these, I was clearer, more mindful, feeling uplifted, supported and was joyful inside. I was happy to let my brain heal the way it needed to. I did not have to fault or blame anyone. It was no one’s fault. It was just the way it is. I was calm and happy within and watched  my own healing process. Somehow these crazy circumstances weren’t defining my inner peace and joy. My friends were stunned. Actually, so was I!

It dawned on me that years of practice in emotional intelligence, mindfulness, being reflective, attending personal development courses, going for self-awareness retreats, meditating and yoga had culminated in an almost unconscious way of living with clarity and joy. One that could not be shaken by people or circumstances. Not even an event like an assault. Not even the chronic pain that I have lived with for years, which used to define me (Now, I could define it).

Hence I started this endeavour to provide resources, articles, training and coaching in these areas of mindfulness and emotional intelligence. There are structured programs with organised developmental paths. I work with other experts in the field to improve content and provide the best value I can.

I hope to connect with you, meet you, speak with you and get to know you better in your journey. No journey is ever the same. I would love to hear about yours. Feel free to connect with me.

My aim is to develop programs to spread Mindfulness (for clarity) and Emotional Intelligence (for joy) and help others to be able to really grasp these fundamental concepts on a higher level; so that everyone keeps improving their ability to live more fully, clearly and joyfully.

Wishing you clarity and joy,

Usha Raman