Find out more about the new M.E program which brings together the benefits of Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence in an online format.

The mission of our training programs is to empower the individuals in your organisation to take personal responsibility and action for their own mental and emotional wellness. This is done through programs that teach mindfulness and emotional intelligence. 

The practice of mindfulness gives one clarity and learning emotional intelligence gives a person the ability to tap into more purposeful action in their work daily. Emotional Intelligence is responsible for 58% of job performance. 90% of top performers are proven to have high Emotional Intelligence. There are many programs that only specialise in mindfulness techniques, but when coupled with Emotional Intelligence strategies, the growth of an individual is accelerated. 

Mindfulness has been gaining momentum worldwide as a powerful tool to improve mental clarity, alleviate stress and improve well being. In our training programs, the mental clarity that mindfulness brings is augmented with emotional clarity from emotional intelligence. We can be consciously clear of what action to take but when emotions are high, our planned behaviour is easily overridden. Emotions fuels us and it only takes a bad day or incidents to slip back into old habits. Empower your team to have better mental and emotional clarity for better work ethics, improved communications skills and a productivity boost.

EQ and mindfulness are potent tools for personal excellence, collaboration, productivity, decision making and fostering better relationships. Staff with mental clarity and emotional stability are willing to look at themselves honestly, use feedback to improve, take personal ownership of their actions and be better role models in the workplace.

The focus of these programs are not just having a one off workshop that is forgotten in time but a way to empower the staff of your organisation to maintain a mindful culture and where self awareness, positive communication and other emotional intelligence skills continue to play a part long after the training is over.

What clients say, 

"I have to say, I have had a few 'AHA' moments... it's just really opened my eyes to a lot of things that I thought I already knew but I really didn't know... and I loved it..."
Maria Byworth
Business Owner - WA Marble and Granite
"Usha ran a program for our leadership team this year that has significantly contributed to a more empathic group of people and has helped us with strategy and communications in a period of great change and growth in our business. I would recommend that any business talk to Usha to see how she can help."
Martin Dougiamas
CEO - Moodle
Loved her workshop! Usha has a great and warm personality as a trainer. She is highly skilled in engaging her audience and is very knowledgeable in her subject matter. She knows how to balance learning in a fun environment. EQ and mindfulness can come across as dry subject but Usha uses creative ways to keep interest and attention levels high. I highly recommend her course to everyone as what she is sharing is so essential to everyone's daily life. You learn to communicate better, build better relationships, understand yourself more and have more self awareness to be able to thrive in life"
Norita Omar
Founder - Strive and Thrive