Usha Raman leading a mindfulness meditation with a group of people in a park
Usha Raman with a group of workshop participants

Want more clarity in your life? Want to feel less stressed, worried or anxious? Want to be more mindful and present? Want to feel more empowered and less stuck?

We have participants who have had amazing breakthroughs in our workshops. These workshops draw from  various influences ranging from Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Positive Psychology, Meditation, Coaching, and various personal development tools. Life constantly presents us with change and challenges. Some are obvious to others like illness or career change. But many challenges we face are internal and not obvious to others. Things like stress, family and relationship issues, fatigue, feeling unfulfilled, not enjoying what you do, or even a curious need to explore more in life, is something we can feel very strongly about that others don’t know about.

These workshops are a safe space to develop insights into any life issues and to develop strategies for your personal growth. Inject more clarity and joy in your lives! Public courses and workshops are held online or offline. These range from simple 1 – 2 hour introductory workshops up to insightful certification programs and transformational 9 day courses.

Does your mind keep wandering? Do you find your internal mind chatter never ending? Want to learn PRACTICAL ways to have a calmer mind? Most people have heard of Mindfulness and yet less than 10% of people practice it daily. How do we include it as part of our busy lives?

All these questions and more answered in the mindfulness workshops.


This workshop is a small group setting, specifically designed for people with busy schedules and lives. Learn the art of Mindfulness in a beautiful setting filled with lush trees and the calming sounds of nature. A perfect setting for the topic of Mindfulness.

This workshop covers simple and powerful techniques to achieve greater awareness and calm in your lives. Wonderful discussions and insights into mindfulness is shared to make it easy for anyone to include this practice into your daily life in an effortless way.

Research shows that people who practice Mindfulness can,

* Experience more clarity and joy in their lives

* Sleep Better

* Are more relaxed and calm with less stress and anxiety

* Have better relationships with people around them

* Have more mental and emotional resilience

* And much more!

This workshop is a great introduction or refresher to the practice of mindfulnes  Enjoy this workshop with an experienced facilitator in a beautiful and serene setting.

Do you want to rise above challenges easily? Perhaps you want some secrets to better resilience? Do people make you feel bad and you wish they didn’t? Perhaps you want to have more joy in your life? Or be able to speak your mind more confidently? Maybe you just want to know what makes people tick?

All these questions and more answered in the EQ workshop.



Many people are caught up in daily life, stressed, tired and do not have time to take stock and recharge their emotional wellness. This workshop is a great introduction and practical guide to the vast world of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). You will gain (EQ) principles, examples and powerful-easy-to-adopt techniques to use daily so that you can improve your emotional resilience.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to fully comprehend your own emotional nuances and those of others. Greater insight into our personal emotional intelligence gives one the ability to be clearer in your mind, happier with your decisions, be more self aware and be better at motivating yourself and others.

It also means you can lead a calmer and happier life that is less stressful and more balanced. You overcome challenges easily and have more confidence in your abilities. 

This workshop will be held in a beautiful and serene location filled with lush trees and nature. So take time to recollect, recharge and re-balance in this workshop

If you are not sure how coaching works, or would like to try it with a money back satisfaction guarantee, please send me a message to set up an appointment. 



Coaching sessions are available face to face or online.

So what can you get out of the coaching?
– More clarity in your thinking

– Embrace more joy in your life as you go through your own transformational process

– Realising your own self worth

Feeling like that no matter what your circumstances are, you can be happy

More confidence in yourself and your abilities

Attract the right kind of love into your life

– Release any block in your life that is preventing you from moving forward

– Improve your relationships

Improve how you manage people and life situations

– How to bounce back faster after a set back

– How to be yourself, feel like you belong and be at ease in any situation

– Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence strategies to inculcate into your daily life.