Life coaching is one of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves
towards personal transformation and growth. 

Want more clarity in your life? 
Want to release your stress, worries and anxieties? 
Want to be more mindful and present? 
Want to feel more empowered and get unstuck?
Life-Coaching can help you.

Whether it be your business, relationships, career, goals or personal matters, life coaching techniques can help you find the alignment and clarity you seek to move forward and thrive in life. Life coaching is a tool for personal growth that more and more people are using. It can help you align yourself to your goals, find happiness, discover balance and create lasting changes. 

I offer coaching session face to face or via zoom for individuals or small groups. Here are some signature programs below but please note that all coaching will be customised to suit your personal or professional goals.

Executive / Leadership Coaching & Profiling

This coaching program is for those looking to up their game in the workplace. It is a very systematic program that takes you through not one but two powerful profiling tools to understand yourself better and improve any blindspots (we all have them!). Whether you are trying to find a better role, completely change careers, be a better leader, be more motivated/productive, solve communication issues at work, relieve stress or find more work-life balance, this program takes you through a process of self-discovery and growth so that you can feel more engaged and fulfilled at work. 

Life Coaching (Individual or Group)

Life coaching can offer many benefits, including more clarity in your thinking and finding emotional balance. We work on various aspects of life depending on your specific needs. I have worked with clients to increase self worth and confidence, release emotional baggage, let go of blocks preventing growth, build trust in life, release stress/ worries / anxieties, embrace more joy, attract the right kind of love, improve current relationships and heal from past hurt and trauma. Many mindfulness and emotional intelligence strategies will also be shared to build lasting change and inner transformation. You deserve a happy life. 

Entrepreneurship Coaching and Profiling

This is an exciting program developed specifically for mission-focused small to medium business owners or if you are looking to start a business. We use a profiling tool to measure your entrepreneurial mindset and understand how to leverage your strengths better and work on areas requiring development. With the help of a couple of other coaches and myself, we work on business plans, set business goals with milestones, write branding and marketing plans, release limiting beliefs and other blocks you may be experiencing whilst providing a means of accountability to stay focused and doing the best for your business.


Everyone needs an accountability buddy and a cheerleader. If you are ready to create lasting change, let’s talk!

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