Research has shown time and time again that mindfulness
is an essential practice for our wellbeing.

Want to feel more clarity in your thinking?
Need to overcome challenges with more balance?
Want to live stress-free and happier?
Want to learn to live with more joy?
Perhaps you want to meet like-minded others who believe in mindfulness?

Like any other skill, mindfulness can be learned and practiced.

Although mindfulness is about ‘being’, this ‘being’ does requires some practical effort in order to create more balance for ourselves.

This workshop is about dispelling popular pre-conceived notions about mindfulness and to get into the real crux of how we can start practicing it using evidence based research.

In this workshop, we hone into the practicalities of how to incorporate mindfulness into our busy lives.

It covers simple yet powerful techniques to achieve greater awareness and calm.

It is possible to experience joy everyday, and practicing mindfulness is key to feeling that joy.

The Venue

Learn the art of Mindfulness in a beautiful setting in the Perth Hills filled with lush trees and the calming sounds of nature. A perfect setting for the topic of Mindfulness!

Gloria’s Place of Wellness in Brigadoon is the location of this workshop.
This luxurious home, now converted to a wellness center is a gem for retreats and all things wellness. Walk the lush gardens after the workshop while soaking up the marvelous views to integrate your learnings.

Pictures don’t do the venue justice but here are some teasers… 

This workshop is specifically designed for people with busy schedules and lives.  

Wonderful reflections and discussions are offered and insights into mindfulness are shared to make it easy for anyone to include this practice into your daily life in an effortless way.

Take that needed downtime in the new year to connect with yourself, connect with nature and nurture your inner world. 


Research shows that people who practice mindfulness,

*Experience more clarity and joy
* Experience better sleep
*Manage pain better
* Are more relaxed and calm
* Have less stress and anxiety
* Have better relationships 
* Have more resilience
* And much more!

This workshop is a great introduction or refresher to the wonderful practice of mindfulness. 



Usha Raman is an award-winning trainer. She is a Mindfulness Trainer and Certified Master Life Coach. She has spoken in many countries and has trained hundreds of people in her career. 

She is also a certified life coach and educator. Usha used to be a college lecturer and has a keen interest in education, specifically, how adults learn and and make positive changes. 
She regularly works with clients as a life coach to shift limiting beliefs, thought patterns and behaviours.

Some of her other qualifications include, Pedagogy, Timeline Therapy, Behavioural Consulting, Master Practitioner NLP, Yoga Instructing and Trainer in Neuro-Linguistics Programming. 

Her interest in Mindfulness goes back nearly 20 years and she has studied both eastern and western views on the topic, particularly how it relates to Emotional Intelligence. She has run countless wellness and empowerment related programs in schools, corporates, retreats and public events both voluntarily and commercially.

Usha is an avid volunteer and has worked in various not for profit projects regionally for over 20 years and currently is a lead volunteer administrator for two not for profit organisations which cater to the needs of refugees, women in refuges and other vulnerable community members.


15th JAN 2022

1.30pm to 3.30pm

Price :
General Admission: $49 +bf*
Members: $42+bf*

Gloria’s Place of Wellness
845 Campersic Road, Brigadoon

*The booking engine, Humanitix, is being used as it directs 100% of the profits from booking fees towards education projects, such as education programs for disadvantaged young girls. Please note that the booking page will have a booking fee (bf) of 4% +$0.9. 

In case of a lockdown

I will ensure to abide with all COVID regulations. If the event has to be cancelled, it will postponed it to a safer date or conducted via zoom. Please note though that in case of any changes, there may be differences in the date, venue, schedule, activities and/or facilitator. 

If you have booked but are feeling unwell, please let us know and please do not come for the retreat. If you are unable to attend due to falling ill or if postponed dates don’t match your schedule, I will provide credits for future events. A refund may be possible and will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Please note though that booking fees that do not go to us will be forfeited.

Having said all of that, let’s keep positive that all goes smoothly and whatever happens, please rest assured that I am committed to giving you the best experience possible.

Much thanks and gratitude,
Usha Raman  : )