Research shows time and again that
meditation and mindfulness is essential for wellbeing.

Want to press pause on your busy mind?
Want to feel more calm in your life?
Want to do more but stress less?

How many hours have you lost to worrying,
stressing, not sleeping well or feeling anxious?

How many people you love would benefit
if you were less stressed and more present?

How many more people would you positively impact
if you were more mindful?

You can feel more in control.
You can do more and stress less.
You can be more clear in your thinking.
You can face any challenge with confidence.
You can experience more balance.


Research shows that people who practice meditation and mindfulness,

*Experience more clarity and joy
* Experience better sleep
*Manage pain better
* Are more relaxed and calm
* Have less stress and anxiety
* Have better relationships
* Have more resilience
* And much more!

This workshop is a great introduction or refresher to the wonderful practice of meditation and mindfulness. 

Like any skill, meditation and mindfulness can be learned
(even if you have the busiest mind). 

You just need some know how and a set of handy tricks!

This mini workshop series is about getting into the real crux of how we can start practicing these wellbeing gems.

Learn to hone into practical and low-effort ways to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into your (probably very busy) life. 

Take away simple yet powerful techniques to achieve greater awareness and calm.

Although mindfulness is about ‘being’, this ‘being’ requires practical effort to create more balance for ourselves. 

It is possible to experience joy everyday and practicing meditation and mindfulness is the key.

Most people start to feel drained and tired mid-way into the year. So take some time to nurture your mind and wellbeing (before overwhelm kicks in). 

Stay connected to what truly matter.Create positive habits to support your wellbeing.

Making meditation and mindfulness a part of your life will ensure you can hold space for yourself and others, whatever the challenges.

Take time to truly create inner calm and connect with yourself and care for your inner world.


-the pillars of meditation.
– what meditation is (and what it is not).
– the understandings and principles of mindfulness.
– correcting your personal imagery of meditation and mindfulness.
– the attitudes to practicing with confidence.
– challenges in making time to practice.
– overcoming personal challenges of practice.
– various meditation and mindfulness techniques.
– concentration techniques on how to trick the mind to pause.
– how to set yourself up to win the ‘war’ on willpower to practice.

This workshop is specifically designed for people with busy schedules and lives. There will be support between the sessions via reminders and accountability to help stay on track.

Wonderful reflections and discussions are offered and insights are shared in palatable ways to ease into the practices. 

This series focuses on how we can create space for meditation and mindfulness in more effortless ways so it does not feel like another thing we have to do.



– you can be part of an accountability group to help motivate your practice.
– you get weekly emails to remind you of the practices.
– free printable resources to assist you with your practices.
– you get downloadable meditation audios for your personal practice.
– you get a curated meditation playlist on spotify.
– my personal list of book recommendations that has changed my life.
– free personally designed wallpapers for your phone and laptop to serve as mindful reminders.


Usha Raman is an award-winning trainer. She is a Mindfulness Facilitator and Certified Master Life Coach. She has spoken in many countries and has trained hundreds of people in her career. 

She is also a certified life coach and educator. Usha used to be a college lecturer and has a keen interest in education, specifically, how adults learn and and make positive changes. 
She regularly works with clients as a life coach to shift limiting beliefs, thought patterns and behaviours.

Some of her other qualifications include, Pedagogy, Timeline Therapy, Behavioural Consulting, Master Practitioner NLP, Yoga Instructing and Trainer in Neuro-Linguistics Programming. 

Her interest in Mindfulness goes back nearly 20 years and she has studied both eastern and western views on the topic, particularly how it relates to Emotional Intelligence. She has run countless wellness and empowerment related programs in schools, corporates, retreats and public events both voluntarily and commercially.

Usha is an avid volunteer and has worked in various not for profit projects regionally for over 20 years and currently is a lead volunteer administrator for two not for profit organisations which cater to the needs of refugees, women in refuges and other vulnerable community members.


1 hour weekly online sessions, over 4 weeks,
Starting 8th August

8th Aug, 15th Aug, 22nd Aug, 29th Aug

7.15am to 8.15am (AWST)

Crazy Intro Special: 59 (3 days only)
Early Bird: 92
General Admission: 108
Women’s Circle Members: 79

Conducted online via Zoom
Link to join will be sent closer to start date

*The booking engine, Humanitix, is being used as it directs 100% of the profits from booking fees towards education projects, such as education programs for disadvantaged young girls. Please note that the booking page will have a booking fee (bf) of 4% +$0.9.