Do you want more a collaborative and happier school environment?
Do you want your educators and staff to take more personal responsibility?
Would you like your team to communicate more effectively?
Would you like your administrators and management team to have more time managing tasks instead of people?
Do you want your staff to have better ways to manage stress?
Would it help your school to have more resilient and productive staff?


The mission of the training programs is to empower the individuals in your institution to take personal responsibility and action for their own mental and emotional wellness. This is done through programs that teach mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

Here is a list of some of the training programs I have done in schools,
1. Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence (Managing Self)
2. Emotional Intelligence (Managing Others)
3. Managing Stress and Anxiety (Don’t Stress about Stress)
4. Personal Leadership and Growth
5. Conducting Peer to Peer Classroom Observation (The Coaching Model)
6. Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
I can customise programs according to the needs of your school and the times available for training. So it will be best to first have a chat and discuss/uncover the school’s training objectives.

Here is some feedback from teachers who attended past workshops from schools mostly in the South Network of Perth (i.e. Kensington Secondary, Atwell College, Leeming ESC, Armadale ESC, and Canning Vale College).


1. Great info. Easily adaptable to our school. Great presentation. Fantastic tools we can all take with us. Interesting, engaging and informative. Thank you ladies. That was great!
2. Informative, engaging and interesting. Brilliant, loved it! Very 
inspiring. Thanks.
3. New information. First of its kind that I have ever attended. Informative, Practical, Excellent. Presenter – excellent presentation! 
4. Usha is a lovely presenter, Very professional.
5. Positive, engaging and energetic. I enjoy the energy you exude.
6. Presenter was very motivating and positive. Made me think of how I dealt with stress and how I could improve and gave me tips on how to deal with it. Informative.
7. Very informative. My view on stress and managing it has changed. Fun!