Well-Being with M.E

“Wellbeing with M.E” is a unique and comprehensive wellness program delving into the MENTAL and EMOTIONAL wellness of educators. You can start with a 1or 2 hour presentation or even a half day workshop first before exploring the full program. 

Of course, you are welcome to dive into the full program which is 6 or 8 weeks, depending on your availability. The sessions are conducted weekly (in 1 hour sessions) either face to face or online.


Do you want more a collaborative and happier school environment?
Do you want your educators and staff to take more personal responsibility?
Would you like your team to communicate more effectively?
Would you like your administrators and management team to have more time managing tasks instead of people?
Do you want your staff to have better ways to manage stress?
Would it help your school to have more resilient and productive staff, especially in challenging times?

MISSION of M.E Program

The mission of this program is to empower educators with an arsenal of tools and strategies to take personal responsibility and action for their own mental-emotional wellness. There are a lot of programs that only specialise in mindfulness but when mindfulness is coupled with emotional intelligence (EQ) strategies, the growth of an individual is accelerated.



M is for Mental wellness through Mindfulness. E is for Emotional wellness through Emotional Intelligence. The M.E. program offers an online yet personal training solution in mindfulness techniques and emotional intelligence (EQ) strategies. This program will be delivered via video conferencing, , in sessions over 6 or 8 weeks. Assessment tools can be used to measure progress and the modules can be tailored to match your unique needs.


Mindfulness has been gaining momentum worldwide as a powerful way to improve mental clarity, alleviate stress and improve wellbeing. In this program, the mental clarity that mindfulness brings is augmented with emotional clarity from EQ. We can be consciously know the action to take but when emotions are strong, our planned behaviour is easily overridden. Emotions fuels us and it only takes a bad day or negative incident to slip into old bad habits. EQ and mindfulness are potent tools for personal excellence, collaboration, productivity, decision making and better relationships. Educators with mental clarity and emotional stability are willing to look at themselves honestly, use feedback to improve, take personal ownership of actions, manage classrooms better and be excellent role models.