Science of self Discovery

5th FEB 2022 9.30am to 12.45pm
A premier personal development workshop

Want to know why some things are such a challenge? 
Want to know your true determination and leadership levels?
Want to understand how flexible you are to change?

Curious about how to leverage your strengths?
Curious to dig beneath the surface and explore who you really are?

Perhaps you sometimes feel unsure of your path?
Perhaps you wish you knew where you are headed?
Maybe you want to invite more clarity, confidence and joy into you life?


Discovery sessions often require reflective practices (which are important).

But think about it, when we reflect, the filters of our mind are still active.
We are using that same mind which is experiencing the challenges 
to reflect and reach solutions to goals that we have not figured out how to achieve. 

We are using the same mind that created the problem to think of solutions.

So it can take longer to uncover truths and…
 probably lots and lots of trial and error!

What if you could skip that part?

With OVER 35 YEARS OF RESEARCH behind it, 
Identi3 is a profiling tool that is being used in over 2000 successful companies  like Johnson and Johnson, Shell, Panasonic, Fuji Xerox, Philips and more to better understand their people and provide a resource for personal and professional development.

 This is an amazing self awareness and personal development tool that we can be used as a stepping stone to a personalised success plan for the rest of your year and beyond.

This session will be online and run by TWO qualified trainers. You will be sent a customised link to answer some profiling questions and we will provide you with an INDIVIDUALISED REPORT. 

There has never been a one size fits all approach to personal development. We understand this on a fundamental level.

We are all different.
This tool celebrates what makes you unique and provides valuable insights for transformation.

At the online session, we go through your strengths, blindspots and areas of growth in a safe and nurturing way from this comprehensive report. This is a unique way to further understand and explore ourselves (and others too). There will be a lot of room for meaningful discussions, 
learnings to make positive changes and creating mindset shifts in how to improve the way we do things.

We can quantify our strengths, incongruences, blindspots and values in order to shed awareness for areas of development. 
You can also learn how you can leverage your current strengths to make growth easier.

We are keeping numbers very small, no more than 8 people to ensure everyone gets value. 
So please book early to avoid disappointment.

investment: $157 + small booking fee
Early Bird Pricing: $127 + small booking fee (valid before 5th of January)

Looking forward to seeing you soon!