Whilst most of these signature programs are half a day or longer there are always customised to suit your organisational goals, resources and learners’ needs. There have been many instances where these programs have been customised to fit into a shorter workshop, presentation format or in short bursts over many weeks. So please always contact me to find out more about how these topics can be used to meet your specific objectives

Team Building & Team Synergy Profiling

A great team achieves even greater results. Most team building days are focused on get-togethers and having fun. Whilst this is ok, actual team building is a whole lot more than that. Using profiling tools, emotional intelligence training and activities that provide deeper understanding of team synergies, this program help teams understand communication nuances, identify various traits, manage disagreements, prevent politics, build better communication models and provide a valuable framework for working together with clarity, efficiency and good days at the office!

Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence

Mindfulness has been gaining momentum as a powerful tool to alleviate stress for decades. This program focuses on building both mindfulness and emotional intelligence practices to enhance the emotional and mental clarity of your team. We can be consciously clear of what to do but when emotions and stressors are high, planned behaviour is easily overwritten and motivation can be lost. It just makes sense to build a team that is more mindful, self-aware and have a plethora of emotional intelligence techniques to utlise in order to communicate and work together better. 

Presenting with Impact

Gone are the days when presentations felt like an act and there were lots of text on a screen. Authenticity, clear key messages, interactivity and engagement are important factors to uplifting your presentation (even if it is just for a small meeting). Every presentation is an opportunity to inspire action. So we must use it wisely. This program is not just for team members who are giving public presentations, but it is just as useful for everyone on a team to understand what makes your messages stand out, how to be more confident in delivering your points of view, being engaging and knowing what makes your audience tick. 

Corporate Wellness

Whilst team bonding days can be fun, wellness days can also be fun AND also allow your team to find some well deserved space to release stress in the mind and the body. Treat your team to a some time for self-care. With many affiliated practitioners, there are various activities that you can choose from like chair yoga, mat yoga, pilates, self-massage techniques, meditation, mindfulness visualisation, manicures, campfire evenings, reflections, mindful walks, mindful photography, nutrition and much more. If you have some ideas, have a chat to see how we can incorporate your ideas into the program too. Treat your team to some R&R.

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