1 Day Yoga & Wellness Retreat

Rest, Reset, and Recharge

Enjoy gorgeous views, relax, and be taken care of!

Tired from taking care of everyone else?
Wish you had just one day where you are taken care of?
Hanging for a little quiet time?

Do you just need a break to focus on you and nurture your inner world?
Perhaps you crave to be around like-minded people?
Maybe you feel like some heartfelt connection?
Or just need a little motivation to get your mojo back? 

renew, reconnect, recharge and relax
People lying down and relaxing on yoga mats in a yoga room

FILL YOUR CUP at this retreat that is designed for you to feel all taken care of.

Just show up and rest your mind experienced facilitators focus on your needs so that you can let go and feel COMPLETELY relaxed.

Take that needed down-time to connect to yourself, connect with nature and care for your inner world.
This retreat is set in the tranquil hills of Perth with 180 views overlooking the bells rapids and lush greens everywhere so that you can feel grounded and free.
Focus on your rest, healing and personal growth with a day filled with soulful activities to feel rested, deeply connected and nurtured.

The Venue

Gloria’s Place of Wellness in Brigadoon is the location of this retreat. This luxurious home, now converted to a wellness center is a gem for retreats and all things wellness. Watch the amazing sunset and walk the lush gardens while soaking up the marvelous views.
Pictures don’t do it justice but here are some teasers… 

What you can expect…
This wellness retreat offers you a comprehensive program focusing on your holistic rejuvenation.

We have much to offer for your personal growth and relaxation. Experience Yoga in its spiritual essence, Healing Chants, Meditation, Mindfulness, Delicious Soulful Food, Getting Creative, Spending Time with Nature and Connecting with like-minded friends.

 A UNIQUE SEGMENT of this retreat will be a workshop using a comprehensive ‘profile tool’ for personal growth and reflection to ensure you walk out feeling your personal power. This tool is usually used in corporate development and has over 37 years of research and development behind it. This will be made available to you from an individual coaching perspective and you will be able to take home your own ‘personal success report’ generated by the tool which is unique to you based on a profiling questionnaire. It a great for understanding your personal superpowers!

Get ready to walk out feeling calm, empowered, content and fulfilled.


Enjoy complimentary meals with a scrumptious and nutritious lunch.

A meal to satisfy the heart, mind and the tongue. There will be complimentary morning and afternoon tea with snacks. Teas, infusions and coffee is available all day.

A pre-packed dinner can also be provided for a price so that you can take it home to relax for the rest of the evening. OR you can enjoy the dinner with us whilst we marvel at the amazing sunset views with some music (and perhaps even some dancing if you feel like it!).

If you have any special dietary requirements, please let us know a week prior so that we can make the necessary arrangements.


Main Facilitator

Like most of us, Usha Raman wears a few hats. She is firstly an Adult Education Specialist. She is an award-winning Corporate Trainer and has spoken in many countries and trained hundreds of people in her career. 

Usha used to be a college lecturer and has a keen interest in education, specifically, how adults learn and and make positive changes. As a Qualified Life Coach, she regularly works with clients to shift limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and maladaptive behaviours.

Her other qualifications include, Pedagogy, Timeline Therapy, Behavioural Consulting, NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer in NLP and Reiki level 2. 

She is also a Certified Yoga Instructor. Born in Singapore, she has Indian roots and her cultural background drew her
interest to meditation and mindfulness nearly 20 years ago. 

She has studied both eastern and western views on the topic, particularly how it relates to Emotional Intelligence. She has run countless wellness and empowerment related programs in schools, corporates, retreats and public events both voluntarily and commercially.

In her spare time, Usha is an avid volunteer and has worked in various not for profit projects regionally for over 20 years and currently is a lead volunteer administrator for two not for profit organisations which cater to the needs of refugees, women in refuges and other vulnerable community members.

Art Facilitator


Susan Jorkovic is a talented artist who has built a vast portfolio of watercolour paintings with a focus on children, animals and pet portraits. She is also a certified Counsellor with the Australian Counsellors’ Association and has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. 

Whilst pursuing her art seriously for over 9 years, Susan has also played a pivotal role as a business partner and financial controller in a successful plumbing business. She and her husband have been running the business for over 28 years. 

A lifelong learner, Susan is currently pursuing a certification in Art Therapy. A firm believer in community, Susan has been a volunteer with various organisations for over 38 years in different roles. 

She currently volunteers at a women’s refuge for women from domestic violence backgrounds and runs art sessions there. 

Susan believes in the power of art as a healing modality and will be sharing her expertise with us to get creative and have a play with some canvas and colour!

12th NOVEMBER 2022
General Admission: $269
Early Bird: $249
Members: $239

The booking engine, Humanitix, is being used as it directs 100% of the profits from booking fees towards education projects, such as education programs for disadvantaged young girls. Please note that the booking page will have a booking fee (bf) of 4% +$0.9.